How to write Classification Essays?

Classification essay requires the writer to categorize or organise various things or views in different groups or categories.

But many of the writers don’t know exactly how to go about these essays and to write them correctly.

Many of the students search for online advice and various sources available on the internet, which provides information on writing the essay but the information given is mostly incomplete.

So to help the students, here some guidelines are given, by a few professional and experienced writers and in addition all the relevant sources on the internet regarding classification essays have also been referred to.

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By classification essays we mean that the writer has to organise and classify things in various groups.

The supportive sentences and information backing the topic must also be suitably grouped under three or greater number of functional categories having some specific characteristics.

On selection of a specific topic for the essay, different features have to be categorized into useful and meaningful groups.

The classification should be governed by a single, unified principle and all the illustrations provided to explain the topic must also be categorized under suitable headings.

It should be kept in mind that the number of categories should not be very large and there should be a few, manageable and meaningful number of those.

This will help in avoiding confusion while writing and even the probable confusion in the minds of the readers.

The in case of presence of few unsuitable or unwanted categories, the essay should be revised and got rid of such classes.

Classification essay can be said to be based on and formed of three main elements, i.


, set, scheme and classes.

The set means that the groups formed or classes made should have some specific characteristic, common to all the elements in that group, which brings them together and distinguishes them from others.

The scheme refers to the principle adopted for classification.

This denotes the function or standard or quality or some features on the basis of which classification is done.

The classes stand for the explanation of the characteristics of the groups.

When the sorting is done and over and while writing about every group, it should be adequately explained and described, detailing the principle trait of the group which makes it unique and differentiates it from others.

The components of the group may be explained here and after due detailing, examples may be cited.

This discussion may also inform the readers about the value or worth of each class.

The written text must begin with the introduction about the essay, stating the thesis statement of the essay.

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