Guidelines for Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay

The blueprint should not merely restate the contents of the paper but hook the audiences’ attention and so that they are willing to read on.

In this type of essay, there are three paragraphs forming the main body of the text.

In these the support and evidence to prove the point stated in the thesis statement is given.

The structure of these paragraphs may be organised into the topic sentence, the supportive sentences and conclusion of the paragraph.

The topic sentence is a line emphasising on the strength of the thesis statement.

These are formed keeping in mind the judgement line and should substantiate the same.

Various supportive lines providing information, examples and facts to prove the point earlier stated must also be given properly.

These informative sentences backing the main thesis and the topic sentences brings forward the strength, force in the idea stated.

The information given must be reliable and authentic.

The paragraph ends with the concluding sentence which marks the end of one thought.

The conclusion tells the reader that the section has ended and the thought completed.

The conclusion of the paragraph is then followed by the transition sentence which facilitates easy and smooth shift from one thought to the other.

These should be given to maintain the flow and consistency in thought.

Each paragraph should concentrate on one main thought and should present the case of the thesis statement well.

The last part of your essay is the concluding paragraph.

This paragraph marks the end of the essay and should therefore summarize the essay highlighting its main point and strengths and reemphasising on the thesis statement.

It should complete the picture of your thoughts and opinions in the minds of the reader, answering most of their questions related to the topic and leaving them with a sense of completion, satisfaction and fulfilment.

It may also provide the readers some thought to reflect upon and think over.

The after taste of the essay also depends on its conclusion, which also is the last and final impression on the audience.

Hence a good conclusion is a must for successful completion of the essay.

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